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Reasons Why I’m Still Single #638

Reasons Why I’m Still Single


Lately, I’ve been having a lot of sex dreams… the only catch?
They all feature the guy that I’m actually having sex with.
I mean, the one place where it’s not cheating…


Reasons Why I’m Still Single #627

Reasons Why I’m Still Single


In a delightfully misguided gesture, my new roommate told me he was “okay with me [you] being gay.”
My response?
“Glad you’re cool with it, but, eh- even if you weren’t, I’m still gonna be banging dudes in the room right next to yours.”
… probably could’ve had a little more tact.

Reasons Why I’m Still Single #459

Reasons Why I’m Still Single

Last night, after the election was called, Grindr exploded with propositions of, what I like to call, “victory sex.”
… yay democracy?

Reasons Why I’m Still Single #431

Reasons Why I’m Still Single

My roommate and I always give each other a hard time. He always calls me a slut and I always call him a loser cuz he’s not getting laid. These types of verbal sparring matches happen all the time and, well, usually end badly. For instance, the game changer the other day?

“Yeah, well at least I had to get an AIDS test the other day!”

… there have gotta be better ways to say you’re getting laid, right?

Reasons Why I’m Still Single #364

Reasons Why I’m Still Single

It’s come to my attention that some people think I lack self-esteem… or maybe it was self-respect? I dunno, I always get the two confused.
So tell ya what, to make you all feel better, I’ll compromise.
No matter how long I stay single or how long a dry spell, there’s one thing I won’t compromise on, in relationships or sex.
If the person doesn’t know Tom Waits, it’s just not happening.
And just like that, I have standards.

Reasons Why I’m Still Single #363

Reasons Why I’m Still Single

I’m not very good at the relationship thing. I’m always willing to give it a shot, but in the end, it rarely works out. That why I’ve decided on a practical alternative.
I’m starting a Bang Bucket List.

Reasons Why I’m Still Single #289

Reasons Why I’m Still Single

I had another sex dream last night.
… well, to be fair it was more about how even my dream sex life is bland.