Reasons Why I’m Still Single #307

Reasons Why I’m Still Single

My friend was telling me she was going to watch Monte Carlo since she just got HBO.
My response of “UGH JEALOUS” was a little too passionate and way too sincere.


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4 responses to “Reasons Why I’m Still Single #307

  • todayiwatchedamovie

    I watched this recently, and couldn’t bring myself to review it. I’m still debating whether I should.

    • Calhoun

      I don’t blame you… I suggest you review it so folks like me don’t have to sit through it haha

      • todayiwatchedamovie

        It made me think of that Prince and the Pauper episode of Johnny Bravo where Mark Twain comes onscreen at the end and says something along the lines of “Why wont people just let this tired story die?”

      • Calhoun

        Okay, now you hafta write that review cuz you totally just referenced Johnny Bravo.
        Best. Review. Ever.

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