Reasons Why I’m Still Single #45

Reasons Why I’m Still Single

I packed a bottle of wine in my bag for class last night. I even bought a water bottle so that I could cleverly drink my wine without anyone noticing, just in case it came to that.


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3 responses to “Reasons Why I’m Still Single #45

  • Meg

    Please tell me it was that classy Yellow Tail pictured that you took. I would be so proud…especially considering I once took a nalgene full of vodka tonic to my ethics class. Yes. Ethics.

    • Calhoun

      You really think I would have it any other way?
      OF COURSE, it was Yellow Tail, but it was Merlot so that I could pass it off as grape juice if need be.
      That’s right, I plan ahead.

  • Natalie

    If you’re bringing a bottle tonight let me know, I’ll sit by you.

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